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Graphic Designing Training surat

Is Graphic designing your desired work to do or you are looking Graphic designing as your profession, No matter what your vision is, at wcw training and devlopment you can get thorough information about the Graphic designing, like where it stands and what would be a Job role as a Graphic Designer, Whatever purpose is yours, wcw training and devlopment would be the right place to get everything about Graphic Designing.

What can be your career Profile if you enroll your future with Graphic designing?

The major industries of work for a Graphic designer would be advertising, illustration, websites and companies which evolve logos. If you have a great imagination power to approach any module diversely, then the Graphic designing sphere can be a money maker for you.

What wcw devlopment will offer you?

wcw devlopment is giving training in Graphic Designing since 5 years, will deliver you a training on all the contemporary technologies like Photoshop, Illustrator and Corel Draw which are correlated to Graphic Designing. Once you will consult to TOPS you will get thorough information on Graphic Designing and assortments in Graphic designing courses as well you can have a Demo Lecture to certain the quality of the trainers.

What will you get after finishing your course in Graphic Designing from wcw training?

Once you clear your exam, you will be certified as a Graphic Designer. What you will get more is a Job perspective, soft skills training from our soft skills trainers and placement to well recognized company.

Who can learn “Graphic Designing”?

Who can approach any object in diverse perspective to deliver something exclusive yet striking to be the best in your profession, then getting enroll with Graphic Designing would be a wise step for you. Worried about qualification constraints? No need to worry, as anyone can pursue when it concerns to Graphic Designing training, there are no any qualification constraints to enroll in Graphic Designing.

  • How to start
  • History of Windows
  • What is the desktop
  • How to use the start menu
  • About My Computer, Hard Drive, file folder, copy, cut, paste
  • What is graphic
  • Color Schemes and Theories, packaging Design
  • How to use shapes
  • Drawing / Art
  • Laws Of Design
  • Visual communication
  • What is Vector VS. Raster
  • Introduction about graphic softwares
  • How to open, create & save illustrator file
  • Introduction about all illustrator tools
  • How to use style, stroke, symbols
  • Design logo, visiting card, greeting card
  • Design a cartoon character
  • How to open, create & save CorelDRAW file
  • Basic introduction about CorelDRAW
  • Introduction about all CorelDRAW tools
  • Design logo, visiting card, greeting card
  • Brochure Design, product packaging and CD printing
  • How to open, create & save Photoshop file
  • Basic introduction about Photoshop
  • Information about tools
  • Photo editing
  • Image masking
  • Wallpaper design
  • GIF animation
  • Web layout design
  • How to open, create & save Flash file
  • Basic introduction about Flash
  • Flash tween
  • Masking
  • Basic scripting
  • Movie Animation
  • How to open, create & save Premiere Pro file
  • Basic introduction about Premiere Pro
  • Video and Sound editing
  • Video and Sound effect
  • Convert to video file


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